Maya Jane Coles presents new Nocturnal Sunshine 'U&ME' EP

As a woman internationally renowned for her unique and adept creative vision, London-based Maya Jane Coles and her moniker, Nocturnal Sunshine walk parallel paths. Delivering productions across both aliases, the sound of both Maya and Nocturnal Sunshine is built upon foundations of restless finesse, packed with corporeal drama. Dropping an unannounced joint EP in late 2018, the release continued with exhilaration where her critically acclaimed self-titled 2015 album left off. Maya and Nocturnal Sunshine asserted not only their ability to impact the industry, but their ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, carrying uniform importance. Edging into the festival packed summer of 2019, Maya drops fresh new music accompanied by her own distinctive illustrative artwork from the depths of her Nocturnal Sunshine chamber, signalling a full studio album is set to follow.
As the story of Nocturnal Sunshine unfolds and the global festival season draws ever closer, she can be found at a number of notable international events. With live performances locked in at Coachella, Sonar Barcelona and London's Field Day, the deep and dark breadth of Nocturnal Sunshine's power takes centre stage.